Factory Buildings

No. of building: 3
No. of levels per building: 5
Size per level: 74m x 32m
Heights: 5.4m ( 1/F ), 4.2 m (2/F-5/F)

Load bearing capacity:
Factory floor:5kN/m2


  • Each building is equipped with 2 x 3 tone elevators
  • Each level is installed with certified fire prevention systems including centralized hydrants, sprinklers, smoke detection and alarms system. There is also a 100m3 of water underground water tank as a source of water.
  • Total electricity supply: 3350kVA (can be increased)


Dormitory buildings

No. of building: 3
Size of each level: 50m x 10.5m
Height of each level: 3.2m
No. of levels per building:6
No. of rooms in per level:12 (72 rooms per level)
Max. no. of people per room can be housed: 12


  • Fire hydrants
  • City water supply
  • Electricity supply